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Major James D. Savage Candlelight 6022

It's a new year and our new Noble Grand Humbug Wayne "Monkey Balls" Montgomery invites all red shirts in good standing to the Spring Candlelight at Skunk's Hole. The river is raging and the libations will be flowing as we bring some poor blind bastardos into the light! The rub is on the flyer I attached. So look at it! It took me a whole hour or so to make it. The food will be great. Because Savage always does great food. BLT is the man. So join us or don't. But you'll be sorry. You'll see! Credo quia absurdum!

Out with the Vespa in with the Balls!

Hear ye! Hear ye! On the evening of January 7, 6022 at the Veterans Hall in Clovis, CA the Most Honorable Committee gathered to crown a new Noble Grand Humbug. Wayne "Monekyballs" Montgomery will be leading the charge to new diggins and slipperys BIG and small. 6022 is lookin to be a hell of a year for Jim Savage 1852! Check out the events Calendar for all the doins! What say the brethren!?

Jim Savage 1852 PBC application form

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