Jim Savage Events for 6023

Date Event Time/Location
Jan 6 Norton Day! 5:30 AM
Jan 17 General Meeting 6:07 PM
Feb 21 General Meeting (Buffalo Chip's House) 6:07 PM
March 3 China Town Parade & Food Booth TBA
March 21 General Meeting (Buffalo Chip's House) 6:07 PM
April 25 General Meeting (Wayne's!) 6:07 PM
April 27-29 Savage Spring Doins 6023 Old Crow Ranch, Tollhouse, CA
May 16 General Meeting (Wayne's!?) 6:07 PM
May 18-20 Grand Council Motherlode Fairgrounds, Sonora, CA
May 30 Civil War Monument Dedication Liberty Veterans Cemetery, Fresno, CA
June 9-10 Candlelight Jeffro's, Clovis, CA
June 20 General Meeting (Lester's House) 6:07 PM
June 23 Fireworks Booth Property Clean-up Polk & Shields, Fresno, CA
July 1-4 Fireworks Booth Polk & Shields, Fresno, CA
July 18 General Meeting (Lester's House) 6:07 PM
Aug. 15 General Meeting (Lester's) 6:07 PM
Aug. 25 7th Annual Invasion of Pigeons Shoot Fresno Trap & Skeet, Fresno, CA
Sep. 15 Family Campout TBD
Sep. 19 General Meeting (Lester's) 6:07 PM
Oct. 6 Blind Babies - Walk in Their Shoes Happy Trails Riding Academy, Tulare, CA
Oct. 17 General Meeting (Wayne's*) 6:07 PM
Oct. 19-21 Duel Doins 1852/1855 Green Cabin Flat Campground, Dunlap, CA
Oct. 27-28 Turdstock TBD
Nov. 3 Widders Ball TBD
Nov. 14 General Meeting (Waaayne's!) 6:07 PM
Dec. 15 Family Adoption & Food Donation Angels of Grace, Fresno, CA
Dec. 19 General Meeting (Buffalo Chip's) 6:07 PM

Other Events of Savage Interest

Teriyaki Chicken Food Booth at LoMac Winery April 23 & 24
Blind Babies Foundation, Walk In Their Shoes
Moses J. Church Mausoleum
Food Booths (Fund Raisers) @ local fairs, festivals, and events
Attend Local Events, Games, ect. as Red Shirt Brotherhood!
Other ECV Chapter Events & Doins

Other Notes

At all public events & outings we must conduct ourselves in a proper gentlemanly manner. Let's build the Jim Savage name as an Honorable Brotherhood!
Flyers may be mailed out for these events and other important dates for Jim Savage & other chapters. However, dates and times may be subject to change.
If you don't like the events, dates, or times, your loss.

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