Jim Savage Chapter 1852 Officers List
and Members of the Board 6023

(No Gentlemen Here!)

Grand Noble Humbug Anthony "Major" Nelson
Vice Grand Noble Humbug Rene "The Reverend" Vasquez
Gold Dust Receiver Rudy "Rude Dog" Flores
Noble Grand Recorder Mike "Hudson Hawk"
Grand Imperturbable Hangman Warren "Ape" Pannett
Ass Hangman ?
Gut Robber Larry "BLT" Terry
Ass Gut Robbers Al & "Joe Joe"
Hawker Ray “"Smokey”" Young
Ass Hawker Eric "Captain Vespa" Meyers
Raffle Bastards "Nasty Nate" Lopez & Mike "Sweet Cheeks" Brewer
Damn Fool Door Keeper Scott "The Butcher" Wells
Clampatriarch Wayne "Monkey Balls" Montgomery (XNGH)
Rock Stacker ?
El Web Bassturd Rene "The Reverend" Vasquez
Most Important Committee of Equal Indignity Everyone Else!

Ignominously Submitted by your Web Basterd, The Reverend